One Talk Transcription   Serving the leaders and wisdom teachers of our time.


Your words are your legacy.

Spoken words have the power of immediate impact. Printed words have the power of lasting value. Transcribing your audio or video into print is the quickest way to begin managing your legacy. Your recorded audio or video (virtually any digital format) will be returned to you as MS Word transcripts. Accuracy, high quality and confidentiality are assured.

Why do you need a transcript?
  • Document strategy sessions, meetings and post-meeting action items
  • Create copy for web sites, e-books, brochures, blogs, articles, special reports, training manuals, collected works
  • Plan story lines and create video/film scripts
  • Transform book coaching sessions into initial manuscript drafts
  • Archive oral history interviews 
  • Review events and streamline future presentations
  • Copyright live event content
What can we transcribe?
  • Speeches and lectures
  • Interviews, radio shows, podcasts, webinars
  • Business meetings, strategy sessions and focus groups
  • Coaching sessions, phone consultations
  • Audio notes, personal dictation
  • Seminars, multi-day conferences and live events
  • Classes and training sessions
Our dedication to the integrity of your work.

One Talk provides verbatim transcription from your audio or video recording. Verbatim means word-for-word without alteration. Research shows that when people interact, words play the smallest part in conveying meaning or creating impact. Tone of voice, posture, physical demeanor and facial expressions actually communicate more than words themselves, so how can you preserve your true meaning in written text?

We believe that a speaker's precise word order and unique expressive language patterns contain his or her original meaning. This is why we transcribe verbatim, word-for-word, even though it may be grammatically incorrect. Once a transcript is completed, then editing in collaboration with the speaker can clear up questions of grammar and syntax and revise the text to align with the true and complete meaning the speaker wishes to convey. We are committed to preserving your original message, without compromise.

Get started today.

Experienced professionals are ready to serve your needs. Fees for transcription are simply two and a quarter cents (US $0.0225) per word of the completed transcript. Contract includes confidentiality and work for hire clauses. You retain copyright to all your work. Please inquire or complete the contact form on our home page.
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